Brew Method: Brewing Tea Basics

-Spring water or filtered Water
-Proper water temperature
-Tea filter: paper tea bag,  metal filter (tea ball,  strainer or french press)
-Loose-leaf tea or herbs

Always store tea in an airtight, dark container. We recommend using 2.5 grams tea per 8 oz of water. If measuring by volume, we recommend using 1 tsp/8 oz and doubling that for bulkier, larger leaf teas. 

Getting Technical:
Tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant species, however, herbal infusions and tisanes are often grouped with tea. True tea falls under 5 categories based on the level of oxidation and the type of processing the leaves undergo after picking. Yellow tea is one of the categories of tea, but is not included here because it is less common in North America.