Brew Method: Japanese Iced Coffee (with a v60)

Making iced coffee with your v60 is a quick and easy method. Some prefer this method to cold brew because brewing the coffee hot brings out more acidity and aromas. It also avoids the pitfalls of sitting around and oxidizing. It's brewed with half the water to maintain the brew strength, but the grind needs to be adjusted finer to compensate in order to achieve the right brewing time.   The coffee is brewed directly over ice to cool the coffee almost instantly without melting all of the ice at once and watering it down. 

Coffee: 25 grams

Water: 175 grams

·         Ice: 175 grams

·        Brew time: 2:20

·        Grind: Medium/fine (finer than a regular v60)

1. Prewet your filter, dump rinse water. Tare decanter and v60 with wetted filter on scale.

2. fill decanter with 175 grams of ice.

3. Grind 25 grams of coffee and add to filter. Tare everything.

4. Bloom with 50 grams of water.

5. At 0:30, begin pouring with 20 grams per pour every 15 seconds (the last pour will be 25 g)

6. It should finish dripping at around 2:20. Give the decanter a swirl.

7. Fill your glass with half ice and pour the coffee into the glass.