Brew Method: How to Brew Tea with a Gaiwan

The gaiwan is a traditional Chinese brewing device consisting of a porcelain or glass cup with a lid. The gaiwan serves as the brewing vessel and the lid serves as the strainer. Since the gaiwan is small in size, it is made for teas that are suitable for resteeping, such as Oolong, white, Chinese green, and pu’erh teas.  

What you’ll need:
-Spring or filtered water
-195-205 F water
-oolong, white, chinese green or pu’erh tea. 

-warm the gaiwan with hot water.
-Fill the gaiwan with the desired amount of tea (start with 2.5g of tea for every 6 oz of water). 
-Rinse the tea with hot water once to release aromas and help  the leaves unfold. 
-Fill the gaiwan with water at the appropriate water temperature and let steep to the desired color. This will take experience with the tea, but each tea has a general recommended steeping time.
-To serve the tea, hold the gaiwan with your thumb and middle finger. With the lid slightly open enough to allow tea through, but not the leaves, hold the lid with the index finger and pour into another cup. Make sure you pour all of the water to avoid oversteeping the tea in the gaiwan. 
-For another infusion, fill the gaiwan again and let steep to the desired color. Each steep with take a different amount of time and each steep will have a different color. 

 Repeat often and enjoy!