Brew Method: How to Brew a Beehouse

Pour-over coffee in general gives the barista the ability to control every variable in the brewing process. Each cup is truly hand crafted! There are several methods and devices available to create pour-over coffee. The Bee House Dripper offers an easier learning curve than other pour-over methods (like the V60). Its design encourages a slower drain (only two very small holes in the bottom of the funnel) allowing us to grind a little coarser (if the holes were bigger, the water would go through the grinds too fast), both of which make it a more forgiving process of brewing coffee. Not to mention, they are quite attractive along with all the other products produced by Bee House, a maker of Japanese housewares.

-Spring water or filtered water
-195-205 F water temperature
-A burr grinder
-Timer (to help control brew time)
-Freshly roasted whole bean coffee (2-14 days max).
-Melita #2 filters
-Fold the seam edge of the filter and set inside the dripper.
-Rinse the filter with hot water. 
-Grind 25 grams of coffee on medium fine.
-Tare the beehouse on the scale. 
-Add coffee and shake to flatten.
-Add 50 g of hot water and start timer. Wait 30 sec.
-Avoiding pouring down the sides, but make sure to wet all of the grounds.
-Slowly continue pouring 100g of the water in a circular motion, starting at the center and avoiding pouring down the sides.
-Every 30 seconds, add 50g of water. Fill the dripper no more than ¾ full and let drain slightly (without exposing the grounds on the bottom) and refill again. 
-Repeat until 350g.
-Total brewing time should be 3-3:30. if the brew time is under 3 minutes or over 3:30, adjust grind.
Repeat and enjoy!

>>Print or download the Beehouse recipe card.